There are numerous options for CRM in the marketplace today.  There are a few options that are geared towards small business.  ThinqOutLoud has trialed the following CRM packages and each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Each of these applications are capable of lead tracking, pipeline management and customer life cycle management, but they each bring a different approach to that process…and varying price points per user.



An easy to use CRM system that allows the user to easily enter and track prospects, tasks, and deals.  The system has easy to use dashboards that are customizable to each user providing multiple data views.  Simple email integration allows the end user to use familiar tools like Outlook, while capturing critical communication in the CRM.

It includes integrations with a number of applications for marketing, email campaigns, analytics and service desk.  An easy to use mobile application puts data at your fingertips when on the road.

Pros: Easy to use, integrates with popular applications, customization options to meet the needs of any company big or small, activity workflow with email and push notifications, goal tracking, company specific domain.

Cons: No Social Media Integration, Basic CRM-customization is required to mirror many competitors’ standard features.

Pricing Starts @ $12/user per month


Nimble CRMNimble

This platform is geared toward Social Selling vs. traditional CRM Systems.  This application looks to combine the information you know about a company or contact, with the additional detail gained via Social Media outlets.  Each day Nimble will suggest contacts with whom you should engage leveraging insight you provide into your prospect community.

It signals feature provides the long view on your prospects keying in on social media interactions that may move them closer to your sales funnel.  Nimble is always listening to the conversations of your social media contacts and providing you information that is meaningful to your organization.

Pros: Sales Insight and research can often be provided without effort once configured.  Strong integrations with mail and 3rd party applications.  Provides a mobile application for road warriors. Contact profiles are pulled in from Social Media giving a strong contextual view of your prospect. 

Cons: It can be a bit overwhelming, a lot of data and not all of it is useful.  The system is adaptive, but it takes time to weed out non-leads that are presented to you daily.  Traditional CRM tasks are a bit more cumbersome in this application.  The application actually lists integrations with traditional CRM applications in its marketplace. This tool may be of more value to a marketing department that a salesperson.

Pricing starts @ $15/user per month

Base CRMBase

Base CRM is a feature rich CRM application that is intended to be the central position for your sales team. Base provides strong integration with email and VoIP services.  Armed with a mobile application it allows remote sales force with easy access to critical information.  With Native dialer capability from within the application sales teams can conduct all of their work from right within the application.

This tools is analytics heavy providing sales intelligence for larger sales team with reports like win rate optimization and pipeline reports that give big picture insight.  Lead scoring and prioritization are benchmarks of this application.

Pros: A robust CRM that works in the manner of the bigger competitors (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics). Many customizations are available to meet the needs of almost any type of business. This application provides a native customer portal right out of the box.  Application integration includes financial applications. Automated workflows can be built easily.

Cons: Want all the big features listed, be ready to open your wallet.  The basic plan has simple CRM functions and is limited to five (5) users before having to take a big jump in user budget ($50/increase/mo. for each user). Social Media Integration is limited.

Pricing $25/Basic, $75/Professional, $125/Enterprise per user, per month

Question:  Are you using one of the tools listed above?  Do you use a CRM that you feel is the best of breed?  Are we totally off base in our reviews?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.