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First thanks for stopping by!  I am sure you have found me and my site because you are a leader.  No matter if you are leading a Fortune 500 company or coaching a Little League team leadership skills are needed.  And if you are like me you are always trying to improve those skills.  I am writing this blog to share my thoughts on what it takes to be a leader. Great leaders create work environments that allow your team to be productive and excel!

For the aspiring leader, my hope is to share with you some of the skills my peers and I have used to create winning corporate environments.  Even if you may not be leading a team today, these skills will serve you well as you earn responsibility. The career journey is a long one, its never to early to start preparing.

Being a leader isn’t always easy, but it is almost always rewarding!

There are many hurdles we most overcome to be an effective leader.  It takes a lot of effort to create a nurturing culture that fosters growth. It takes even more effort for your company to reach its goals.  Additionally, there can be factors that are outside the span of your control.  These can include an overall low corporate morale, a down economy, and of course the multiple personalities that work together as your team. Throw is the challenges we all face from time to time at home and it can be near impossible at times.  You need tactics to regain control.

Believe me I understand the challenges.  I have had the privilege to spend nearly 20 years leading teams and steering companies within the IT industry (presently I am the CEO & Managing Partner at MetaThinq) vertical. I have managed a number of different personality types. These folks brought distinct personalities to my teams. Since my responsibility over the years has includes managing across departments I have seen them all. The introverts, the geniuses, the rock stars, the slackers each person has a distinct personality. There is no one-size fits all style of leadership.

Before you say “This is another techie blog” and its not for me

While I have spent my career in technology leadership is universal.  The same skills and challenges can be felt by anyone that has to manage a team…or even just one person.  I am writing this blog to share my experiences and values and I am excited to hear what other leaders have to say as well.  I look forward to spirited interaction with other global leaders.

My Blog Goals

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have a number of great leaders who helped shape me as my mentor.  These resources taught me a lot about how to create winning cultures and get the most out of your team and yourself.  I have also have had leaders that have gone the other way treating employees as if they were slaves and at their disposal. This creates a culture that could only be termed as “toxic”.

Early on I made the decision that I wanted to be a fair leader, a change agent and ensure that the eight hours of the day that I have my staff that they feel that their mission is clear and they no where they stand.  I won’t go so far as saying it will be “fun”, it is work after all. But everyone on my team is treated with respect, dignity and have access to me and thus far it has served me well with many of my team members working with me at more than one company over the years.

This blog will focus on three key areas

  1. Leadership: Skills and approaches that breed success and move the needle.
  2. Culture: How to make the workplace a place employees want to go to each day and give 100%
  3. Technology: Tools that help with communication, productivity and keeps intellectual property safe.

Yes, I know said this wasn’t going to be a techie site.  I am who I am. But I promise the technical talk will be in layman terms and relate to being a successful leader.

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Let’s take the next step on this journey together.