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Automation Made Easy

Ifttt.com simple automationI believe strongly in automation, but it wasn’t always this way. About 10 years ago I had an employee (future DevOps guy) who said he wanted to automate himself out of a job.  I thought he was crazy, but he assured me that there will always be something else that can benefit from automation, thus if anything he was insuring job security. I now understand what he meant, and I look for repetitive tasks I do daily that could benefit from simple automation.

The question is, how do I automate those tasks if I am not a tech savvy individual or have a tech staff I can lean on?

I was introduced by my old business partner, Frank Gesino, to this awesome site. IFTTT.com can help you automate many of the day to day tasks in your life.  Is it going to rain tomorrow?  How abut an email delivered to you letting you know?  IFTTT.com allows you to create simple little “recipes” to create simple “if this, then that” routines to make your life a little easier.

IFTTT.com has a collection of easy automation instructions to connect your home, increase productivity, stay up on personalized news, and keeping healthy.  I am presently using a few of these hacks to simplify my social media posts and to keep up on news alerts that are important to me.  I am looking forward to setting up a few of the home automation “recipes” soon.

Mobile Ready

There are 4 mobile apps connected to IFTT.com and they are available at the Apple App store and in Google Play

  1. IF: This app lets you create automation “recipes” and put them into use. IFTTT mobile apps-ThinqOutLoud.com
  2. DO Button: Allows you to create receipts that cause and action to take place (i.e. press the DO button and turn your home thermostat to 70 degrees)
  3. DO Note: This app lets you save notes.  I am a big Evernote user and this allows me to record simple notes and in one click send them to my account.
  4. Do Camera: Want to send a picture to your email? Save a business card to Evernote? This app makes those easy with the click of a button.

These apps combined with pre-built IFTTT’s automation routines keeps it simple for almost any user.

What would you like to automate?  Any automation success stories?  Please let me know in the comments section below!