Let’s start with a quick question…

When was the last time you recognized an employee?  More than a month ago? More than 6 months? A year?

If it has been a while since the last time you recognized members of your team you are missing a great opportunity.  Studies have shown that when employees get recognized or even a simple “thank you” from their boss they are more loyal and productive.

So why wouldn’t you recognize your staff?

That is a great question. One of the biggest things that can contribute to clumping morale at the office can be the lack of recognition for employee effort.

Recognition doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be appreciated. The gift of time can often be the greatest employee motivator.

Check out these 10 easy ways to reward your staff.

  1. One on One lunch with the CEO or High Ranking Official: One of the biggest things most employees want is face time. Give them that time in a setting where they have your undivided attention and engagement.
  2. Public Acknowledgment: Send out an email for an all staff meeting and share the news with their peers. If appropriate share the news on our website or in an email blast to your clients recognizing the employee.
  3. Killer Parking: Save the closest spot for those who excel.  Turn it into a spirited competition with the spots changing hands when the next person goes above an beyond.
  4. An Afternoon Off: Give an early bird Friday to an employee.  Let them get a head start on a long weekend or catch up on a personal errand
  5. The Best Office: Keep an executive suite open for the employee of the month. Let them enjoy the perks of a door that can provide. It may just motivate them to work their way their permanently!
  6. Flowers for their Spouse: Send flowers congratulating them for the support they provide to your employee.  In the note share the accomplishment and what it meant to your company and let the celebration continue at home.
  7. Full Auto Detail: Send their car to the local detailer in town and have it ready for them when they leave at the end of the day.
  8. Be Their Barista: Find out what their favorite coffee drink is and have it at their desk each day for a week.
  9. Name a Star: The already proved they are one, so why not make it official! Registration can be completed at the International Star Registry and get the certificate framed. http://www.starregistry.com/
  10. The Super Bowl Trophy: Get a replica of the Lombardi Trophy and give it to each month’s top performer.  Get the staff together and award it monthly…complete with the confetti shower!  https://www.amazon.com/Lombardi-Replica-Super-Trophy-custom/dp/B00UQ7Z1N8/ref=pd_lpo_200_tr_t_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=55PZ5XWQRRCC563V8B1T

It’s pretty simple to recognize a job well done.  Studies have shown that when you recognize good work employees feel more engaged with the company and are more likely to refer their friends to buy what you sell or come on board when there are job openings.  So if you haven’t started a regular program for celebrating team victories now is the time to start!