Days 13, 14 & 15 of the 30 Day Content Challenge

Today we go through the content that was created over the weekend and into Monday (Day 15). The centeral topic was Business Vision, which I refer to as t 5 year destination point for your business.

In creating this topic it allows us to go deep on the topic and use the content across a few different mediums.

We created a Business Vision blog article during our batch recording last week and this weekend we edited the article for publishing today. This article is live on the Metathinq blog.

Within the blog you will find clickable links to a lead magnet, the Business Vision Blueprint, which is a doc that will help those DIY’ers to create their own business vision. The development of the Business Vision Blueprint was one of the key actions taken this weekend for content creation.

This freebie is also being given away on the home page and our flagship program page on the Metathinq website. On those pages there is a button leading you to the landing pages we created in Clickfunnels on Friday.

Finally, we show you the document in detail so you get a small preview. To download, head to

We also discuss some distribution tactics on social media we leveraged to get the blog article out there to the wild today.

That is all as we reach the half way point of this challenge.

See you on Day 16!