Yesterday was Sunday Funday and we decided to have a few friends over for dinner and the evening, as any good one with friends got away from me.  As a result, I did not have the opportunity to go live with my daily update.

Does that mean I was unsuccessful in getting my content for the day created?

Hardly, on Sunday AM I completed recording two more episodes of the upcoming Metathinq podcase (I really need to come up with a name for this Podcast…ThinqBusiness?) which brings me to 4 total in editing.  This will keep me on target for an early October launch.

Today the content focus was on the initial blogs for my Virtual MSP Coach site launching n late October.  I outlined the initial 4 blogs and I will be recording to transcription at Rev later this week.  I should have them edited and artwork chosen later this week.

With a week down in this challenge I feel as though progress is being made.  Over the next week, we will start working on distribution tactics and getting some of what we accomplished released.  I will also be working on drafting a couple of articles that share my process on creating content over the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for today, see you on Day 9!