I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Today I finished the outlines for the first 6 episodes of the yet to be named Metathinq Podcast and recorded the first 2. The podcast will focus on many of the challenges that Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners face during the life of their businesses’.  The goal of my podcast is to help companies get unstuck and reach their dreams.    I am pretty psyched to be spreading this message and getting excited for the show to go live.

It can be lonely when you are building a business and for many, there is just not enough time to get the coaching support that we may need.  That is the reason I am starting this podcast-to help those that are struggling with the balance of the day to day grind, family, and the vision they once had for their business.

Finally at Day 6 I am feeling the reality of the progress I am making in this personal 30 Day Challenge.  Content is getting created, I have outlines for the first 6 episodes and for the first time I can feel the reality that the podcast I have always wanted t create is going to become a reality!

The outlines have been a great help in getting me organized before recording the podcasts.  I am a guy that has often spoken off the cuff for many years.  It was easy to do when the majority of my speaking was boardroom focused and on topics I was deeply immersed in at the time of presentation.  Now, as I look to expand to more varied topics, these outlines are vital in keeping me on task and flowing the planned topic flow.  But to be clear it is still very freeform.  the outline just helps me in going from topic to topic.

I will create the outline format I am using as a download in the coming weeks.

As for tomorrow? I plan to record more on Day 7 and expect to launch the series in the first week of October.  Stay Tuned!