Today was another client focused day, but again this doesn’t mean that progress was not made.  Today my focus was on getting ready for some batch production.  for those not familiar with batch processing for content it is a tactic that is employed by many of the top bloggers and podcasters in the market today.  One of my favorite guru’s is John Lee Dumas of who is the host of a daily interview format podcast run daily.  Yes, 365 shows a year!  He gets it done in just a few days each month by scheduling the interviews back to back on those recording days.  With less than a weeks worth of effort he produces a show that runs every day, every month.  That is an example of batch processing.

Now John has been at this a long time and he has refined the formula.  I on the other hand, am just embarking on this journey and I know I cannot wing it.  I need to prepare.

Also, i am not as bold to make this as massive of an undertaking, my podcasts will be a weekly format…I do have a day job.  So today I outlined the show flow for my first 6 episodes and I plan to record at least three on Saturday (Day 6 of the Challenge).

I am not one to read from a script and I do have experience as a public speaker, so my approach is get the outline and then record.  With the right bullet points and focus on the key topics I want to share, it should make batch processing the effort a pretty straight forward process.

In addition to creating my podcast outlines, I did have a chance to create a banner for Facebook for the upending launch of

So it was pretty productive in the hour or so I had to dedicate to the 30 Day challenge!

See you on Day 5!