I went into this 30 Day Challenge completely aware it would not be easy.  Creating content on my in-person consulting days was going to be a challenge. My strategy is to create some tasks that are short and sweet to keep the train chugging on my client visit days.

To fill the days where I knew my content creation would be limited I figured I would focus on my content distribution plan.   I mentioned in my Day 1 blog that I have a tool I like, bucket.io, a quiz tool that can be leveraged as a fun ad or landing page for lead capture.  This tool is pretty cool in the sense that people engage with the quiz and I can provide them with a result or short video solution that provides value to the quiz taker.

This is totally different than the ads that I am used to that direct you to the product or service in a salesy way or to the more traditional download a freebie page.  My content creation today centered around mind mapping a business health quiz that I will leverage as FB ads by the end of this challenge.  Once fully developed I will add the links to this post.  Additionally, I will provide a more in-depth video that will provide ThinqNation with a view of the tool in action.

See you on Day 4!