Welcome to Day 10 of the 30 Day Content Challenge. Today we completed the remessaging and reorganization on the Metathinq website. this formally launches our flagship program “The Business Success Program” that focuses on improving profit and long-term value for entreprenuers and small businesses.
Additionally, I am working on the lead capture strategy for the Metathiinq site and I brought in one of my new favorite tools, Bucket.io to create a quiz. It has been shown that people are three times more likely to engage with a quiz that gives them a “quick hit” result than many standard lead capture offerings (i.e. checklists, eBooks, etc.)

We created a quiz that is basically a business health mini-assesment that will then lead you to a video telling you which stage you may be operating within (rescue, improve, growth) and what steps you can take with or without Metathinq.
Check out Bucket.io
That is all for Day 10, see you all tomorrow!