In this challenge, I will be sharing how I create content to support my two brands Metathinq, my Managment Consulting Business, and my upcoming project Virtual MSP Coach, an online coaching and content resource for IT Service Providers, representing an industry that I spent a good part of my career. If you wish to track progress in this challenge you can do so here or by liking my Facebook page .


My goal in doing this is to show people the process of creating content and being a domain authority in your industry is not as hard as one might think. I will be sharing how I prepare, organize my content and distribute through a number of varied channels (i.e Social Media, Email Campaigns, Website, etc.).

Over the course of this challenge, I will provide you with some of my hacks to make content creation a snap. I want to stress I am not a writer so I am open to any criticism on that front.

Also, for those that have known me for a long time, either personally or through my professional life, this signifies a new (and I hope final) chapter in my life. After the last 10 years in executive leadership for regional growth companies through the Fortune 10, I am going back to my true passion.

When I sold my company (with my partner Frank Gesino) in 2007, it was an emotional decision we needed to make at that time. Now while I am not one forever looking backward, there has been a little part of me that wonders what might have been.

That brings me to my latest venture Metathinq. Feel free to visit that site to learn more or feel free to contact me directly. I am following what I now believe is my calling, working with the small to the mid-sized business owner to achieve the dreams that they have set out to achieve and make them real. I have had the opportunity to do this in many of my roles in my career and it is what I most missed when I moved into corporate.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for Day 2 of the 30 Day Content Challenge tomorrow.