Days 11 & 12 of the 30 Day Content Challenge: Business Vision

Creating Landing Pages and Freebies for you

The past two days have been busy ones in terms of content creation. IU have completed the updates to the main Metathinq site http; and that is now live. On that site coming Monday we will relese the first of the blogs that we have written as part fothis challenge.
The topic is Business Vision and speaks to the fact that if you do not have a clear vision of where you want to be in 5 years how will you ever get there. In this piece we speak t othe process of how to develop a vision statment and how it diffferes from a personal vision statment. Addtionally, we outline the collaborative process with your team in order to hold everyone accountable.

We also created a landing page for this topic that you can see at have created a Busines Vision Guide that gives you the blue print to creating a Business Vision and a free teamplate that you can use when doing your own. This is live now so feel free to downoad it.

Day 2 of My 30 Day Content Challenge-Rev

Getting a little done even when you are flat out

Today I share how to get content done even when there is little available time using my favorite writing hack, Rev.  Reve is a transcription service that allows me to create a blog post or any other content by simply recording and sending to their transcription team.  I usually get my transcription within a couple of hours and I have been amazed by the accuracy.  All for a $1/minute (for me a 300 word blog ran about $3).  Now all i need to do is some simple editing and add any external links and we are off to the races.

So what did I create today.  I got a future blog post recorded and transcribed.  I also recored some content for a couple of new pages on the main Metathinq website.  The final piece of content I created was the FB Live video included in this blog.  Please watch to hear more about my content journey on Day 2 and my simple content hacks that you can use.