Hello, I am Brian Doyle.  I am currently the CEO & Managing Partner of MetaThinq a boutique consultancy focused on bettering business through the use of technology.  I have spent my career in the world of technology with much of that time leading the growth initiatives. The majority of these organizations are successful startup and emerging growth companies.  The biggest things I have learned from those experiences include;

  1. Bringing new concept to life is hard, but also very rewarding.
  2. It can get lonely out there, surround yourself with peers and mentors supporting your goal.
  3. As you grow, it’s all about your team.  Be sure that you surround yourself with people that share your mission and in return treat them well. A company is a sum of its parts and leadership only guides the journey.
  4. Be humble, even the greatest of success may eventually be met with failure.
  5. But failure is good, we learn about our ability to regroup, refocus and rebuild.
  6. Then you can truly appreciate success!

The majority of my businesses have been Managed Service (MSP) or Cloud Service (CSP) Providers and these businesses’ don’t sleep.  Much like the rest of the world, those entities operate on a 24 x 7 x 365 clock. Additionally, I found that most of my peers and I have tried to run on that clock as well. Of course, our goal is to serve our client, but at what point is it counterproductive?  My goal is to help leaders and business owners create a winning culture leveraging technology as a tool for business success.

My Biography

Upon graduating from Central Connecticut State University, My early career included stops at AT&T and as an employee in a dot-com era startup etechnologycorp.com.   The experience gained contributing to both a large corporate entity and then a fluid, dynamic startup helped form my primary leadership principals of strong work ethics and operational process as the cornerstone for success.

Brian launched his initial startup venture in 2001, ProActive Technologies. An early entrant to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) space serving as CEO & Managing Partner.  ProActive developed its own proprietary IT service management platform entitled ProActive Plus which managed over 2,000 client endpoints. The organization saw double-digit revenue growth through 2007 when it was acquired by Fandotech.

Brian Panel Discussion @ Business Solutions Channel TransitionsAt Fandotech (since acquired by Lockheed Martin), I was part of the executive leadership team serving as the VP of Business Development. My primary responsibilities were product portfolio development and revenue growth strategies.  Fandotech launched its first cloud offering in 2008 providing secure compute and disaster recovery services for the Healthcare and Financial verticals.

I participated in the successful acquisition of two services provider companies active in the negotiations and leading the acquisition transition.  Those efforts contributed to a 175% increase in revenues over the two-year period (2008-2009) in a down global market.  Fandotech achieved Inc. 5000 status multiple times during my tenure.  During this period I made my first of five consecutive appearances (2008-2013) on the MSPMentor Top 250 Global Executives and Entrepreneurs list.

In 2010 I joined PCNet, Inc. an established hardware value-added hardware reseller (VAR). My position was to develop the emerging technologies division, later renamed Corserva. I was responsible in this role for developing the overall strategy of the division which included the construction of two commercial data centers totaling 75,000 square feet of data center space in addition to the development of a full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product portfolio.

In 2011 the Professional Services team was moved under my leadership. This increased my span of control from 10 to 60 consultants on-site and in the field.  During this time we delivered projects to Fortune 500 organizations including The Walt Disney Companies, NBC/Universal and RBS/Citizens Bank.

Most recently I held a VP role for UnitedHealthcare within their shared services organization.  In this role, my team executed on the day to day operations of our print vendors and represented a $350MM in annual portfolio spend.  Additionally, eDelivery adoption strategy fell under my control and represented a $50MM cost reduction opportunity for the organization.

My latest venture is MetaThinq, is a boutique consulting and advisory firm. We specialize in helping startups and established organizations who are at pivot stage.   Additionally, MetaThinq is in development of a Virtual CIO program specifically for MSP’s. This division entitled The MSP CiO will serve the managed service community as a learning and coaching platform. MSP’s are experiencing shrinking IT support revenues due to reduced hardware and implementation services. The MSP CIO will be helping them transition to strategic consulting services.

My FamilyThinqOutloud-Family

My wife Tracy and I have been married for 18 years.  She is my rock and my biggest supporter.  We have been blessed with two great daughters Megan and Faith who are my everything.  Tracy is a teacher and one of the greatest joys in my life is that my family gets to spend the summer at home or on the road together. We live in a small community outside of Hartford, Connecticut.

What I do for fun

As a child of the 80’s and 90’s I fell in love with hard rock. To fuel my inner child, I attend a number of rock shows and festivals with a few good friends who have also not grown-up.  I also play guitar…badly.

I am a big sports fan and have been rooting for the Yankees and Cowboys (for better or worse) since I was a kid.  We live in a town with three golf courses within a two mile radius from my home, yet in 14 years I still do not think my golf game has improved.

Contact me

You can reach me by email or you can follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I make my best effort to respond to all contacts within one (1) business day.