The first “S” in SaaS should stand for support

Is help available when you need it?

You have taken the plunge.  You have moved a mission critical application to the cloud.  Hooray!  Now its time for ease of use, access from anywhere, anytime and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  This is going to be great….until its 10 PM and you run into an issue that requires assistance.  Will your new Software as a Service (SaaS) provider be there to help you find your way?

SaaS Support | ThinqoutLoud

The good news is that many of the SaaS providers really understand that when you need help, “YOU NEED HELP”. Support is easy to access via chat,  FAQ’s and support forums, even phone to address the need for immediate support.  Others have gone one step further by creating a video library to show users how to perform a number of the common tasks found in their software, the ultimate in intimate self-service while keeping the do-it-yourself feel.

5 Things You Need to Know About Ransomware

...and what you can do to protect yourself!

Cyber Crime and Ransomware-5 things you need to know

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine who operates a Managed Service Provider (MSP). He shared with me a story about a client of his who was recently hit with ransomware.  In this conversation he told me about the cost of the event (it was heavy) and amount of downtime his client experienced (it was multiple days).  Later I will share one other startling fact.

So, what is Ransomware?

Similar to malware or a virus, ransomware is a malicious software created by blackhat hackers.  Unlike, a viruses and malware that can impact network traffic, install key loggers or Trojans, or potentially delete data ransomware locks out an individual or company from accessing data.  Those users are greeted by a message demanding payment for a release of the restriction.

Three Great CRM Options that Won’t Break the Bank!

There are numerous options for CRM in the marketplace today.  There are a few options that are geared towards small business.  ThinqOutLoud has trialed the following CRM packages and each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Each of these applications are capable of lead tracking, pipeline management and customer life cycle management, but they each bring a different approach to that process…and varying price points per user.



An easy to use CRM system that allows the user to easily enter and track prospects, tasks, and deals.  The system has easy to use dashboards that are customizable to each user providing multiple data views.  Simple email integration allows the end user to use familiar tools like Outlook, while capturing critical communication in the CRM.

It includes integrations with a number of applications for marketing, email campaigns, analytics and service desk.  An easy to use mobile application puts data at your fingertips when on the road.

Pros: Easy to use, integrates with popular applications, customization options to meet the needs of any company big or small, activity workflow with email and push notifications, goal tracking, company specific domain.

Cons: No Social Media Integration, Basic CRM-customization is required to mirror many competitors’ standard features.

Pricing Starts @ $12/user per month