Days 13, 14 & 15 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Business Vision

Business Vision leads the way

Days 13, 14 & 15 of the 30 Day Content Challenge

Today we go through the content that was created over the weekend and into Monday (Day 15). The centeral topic was Business Vision, which I refer to as t 5 year destination point for your business.

In creating this topic it allows us to go deep on the topic and use the content across a few different mediums.

We created a Business Vision blog article during our batch recording last week and this weekend we edited the article for publishing today. This article is live on the Metathinq blog.

Within the blog you will find clickable links to a lead magnet, the Business Vision Blueprint, which is a doc that will help those DIY’ers to create their own business vision. The development of the Business Vision Blueprint was one of the key actions taken this weekend for content creation.

This freebie is also being given away on the home page and our flagship program page on the Metathinq website. On those pages there is a button leading you to the landing pages we created in Clickfunnels on Friday.

Finally, we show you the document in detail so you get a small preview. To download, head to

We also discuss some distribution tactics on social media we leveraged to get the blog article out there to the wild today.

That is all as we reach the half way point of this challenge.

See you on Day 16!


Days 11 & 12 of the 30 Day Content Challenge: Business Vision

Creating Landing Pages and Freebies for you

The past two days have been busy ones in terms of content creation. IU have completed the updates to the main Metathinq site http; and that is now live. On that site coming Monday we will relese the first of the blogs that we have written as part fothis challenge.
The topic is Business Vision and speaks to the fact that if you do not have a clear vision of where you want to be in 5 years how will you ever get there. In this piece we speak t othe process of how to develop a vision statment and how it diffferes from a personal vision statment. Addtionally, we outline the collaborative process with your team in order to hold everyone accountable.

We also created a landing page for this topic that you can see at have created a Busines Vision Guide that gives you the blue print to creating a Business Vision and a free teamplate that you can use when doing your own. This is live now so feel free to downoad it.

Day 10 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Quiz

Metathinq Site &

Welcome to Day 10 of the 30 Day Content Challenge. Today we completed the remessaging and reorganization on the Metathinq website. this formally launches our flagship program “The Business Success Program” that focuses on improving profit and long-term value for entreprenuers and small businesses.

Additionally, I am working on the lead capture strategy for the Metathiinq site and I brought in one of my new favorite tools, to create a quiz. It has been shown that people are three times more likely to engage with a quiz that gives them a “quick hit” result than many standard lead capture offerings (i.e. checklists, eBooks, etc.)

Day 9 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Metathinq site

Website Content Development

Day 9 of the 30 Day Content Challenge (Recap) today is a quick one. The focus yesterday was on the Metathinq Website. I introduced a page for the Business Success Program, which is the flagship service of Metathinq. Additionally, I reorganizaed the site to meet the go forward business plan focused around Managment Consulting for the Entrepreneur and Small to Mid-sized business.

Check it out here

Days 7 & 8 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Sunday Funday

Podcasts, Blogs and Family

Yesterday was Sunday Funday and we decided to have a few friends over for dinner and the evening, as any good one with friends got away from me.  As a result, I did not have the opportunity to go live with my daily update.

Does that mean I was unsuccessful in getting my content for the day created?

Hardly, on Sunday AM I completed recording two more episodes of the upcoming Metathinq podcase (I really need to come up with a name for this Podcast…ThinqBusiness?) which brings me to 4 total in editing.  This will keep me on target for an early October launch.

Day 6 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Podcast Recording

Starting to feel like progress

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Today I finished the outlines for the first 6 episodes of the yet to be named Metathinq Podcast and recorded the first 2. The podcast will focus on many of the challenges that Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners face during the life of their businesses’.  The goal of my podcast is to help companies get unstuck and reach their dreams.    I am pretty psyched to be spreading this message and getting excited for the show to go live.

It can be lonely when you are building a business and for many, there is just not enough time to get the coaching support that we may need.  That is the reason I am starting this podcast-to help those that are struggling with the balance of the day to day grind, family, and the vision they once had for their business.

Finally at Day 6 I am feeling the reality of the progress I am making in this personal 30 Day Challenge.  Content is getting created, I have outlines for the first 6 episodes and for the first time I can feel the reality that the podcast I have always wanted t create is going to become a reality!

Day 5 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-3 blog posts

Getting' blogs done!

Day 5 of the Metathinq 30 Day Content Challenge
Today is a quick one. In the office for the majority of the day to day and as a result I leveraged the batch processing methodolgy to record 3 blog posts and send them out for transcription with Rev.
This evening I willl edit the transcription and add the Blog artwork and schedule publishing on the Metathinq blog.

I have also started the formal content calendar for the remaining 25 days of the challenge. If you recall on Day 1 I did the branstorming piece in which I identified all of the content and supporting distribution that I would require for this challenge. this calendar outlines the production shcedule.

Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge-Batch Processing

Batch Processing for Podcast Success

Today was another client focused day, but again this doesn’t mean that progress was not made.  Today my focus was on getting ready for some batch production.  for those not familiar with batch processing for content it is a tactic that is employed by many of the top bloggers and podcasters in the market today.  One of my favorite guru’s is John Lee Dumas of who is the host of a daily interview format podcast run daily.  Yes, 365 shows a year!  He gets it done in just a few days each month by scheduling the interviews back to back on those recording days.  With less than a weeks worth of effort he produces a show that runs every day, every month.  That is an example of batch processing.

Now John has been at this a long time and he has refined the formula.  I on the other hand, am just embarking on this journey and I know I cannot wing it.  I need to prepare.

Day 3 of the 30 Day Content Challenge-Quizzes

Build a quiz or is it an ad?

I went into this 30 Day Challenge completely aware it would not be easy.  Creating content on my in-person consulting days was going to be a challenge. My strategy is to create some tasks that are short and sweet to keep the train chugging on my client visit days.

To fill the days where I knew my content creation would be limited I figured I would focus on my content distribution plan.   I mentioned in my Day 1 blog that I have a tool I like,, a quiz tool that can be leveraged as a fun ad or landing page for lead capture.  This tool is pretty cool in the sense that people engage with the quiz and I can provide them with a result or short video solution that provides value to the quiz taker.

Day 2 of My 30 Day Content Challenge-Rev

Getting a little done even when you are flat out

Today I share how to get content done even when there is little available time using my favorite writing hack, Rev.  Reve is a transcription service that allows me to create a blog post or any other content by simply recording and sending to their transcription team.  I usually get my transcription within a couple of hours and I have been amazed by the accuracy.  All for a $1/minute (for me a 300 word blog ran about $3).  Now all i need to do is some simple editing and add any external links and we are off to the races.

So what did I create today.  I got a future blog post recorded and transcribed.  I also recored some content for a couple of new pages on the main Metathinq website.  The final piece of content I created was the FB Live video included in this blog.  Please watch to hear more about my content journey on Day 2 and my simple content hacks that you can use.